While Others Talk About Leadership,

We Define It!

It is our joy to have a great leadership team and an excellent relationship with Campbellsville University, a fully accredited  university, and seminary with a wide selection of Online Programs. You can get the higher education you desire in the classroom or online while you stay in your home town.


BLI Partners With Campbellsville University

Eleven years ago our founders and trustees started our school and many students took courses, received diplomas and were blessed.  We all worked hard to bring our dream alive…. that our school would become an accredited educational institution.  However, after a decade, we realized this was not going to be possible. Our students received excellent instruction and acquired solid General Education and Biblical knowledge; however the brick and mortar classroom model was rapidly declining. 

Online education became a reality, and it was clear we needed to devote the school’s resources to connect with instead of compete with the great Christian schools of America. Therefore, we developed a completely different approach; we are now known as the BLI Leadership team. Going into 2020, we provide leadership coaching and mentoring, Treasures of Leadership seminars, workshops, and special online opportunities for the convenience of our Professors and students.

BLI has entered into a relationship with one of America’s best, fully-accredited Christian schools, Campbellsville University. The school began in 1906 as a small academy in Central Kentucky and now has over 10,000 students online and on campuses in various locations around the globe.  For more information click here.


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