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What We Do:

Although many individuals and families have seen improvement in their financial situation, some have not.  They still face job loss, downsizing, eviction, vehicle repossession, utility cut-off and other crisis situations.

These can often be mitigated or avoided if addressed quickly enough BEFORE they become a crisis or emergency. 

In addition to providing prayer and moral support and encouragement, People's Life Institute can assist with practical tools, education and hand's on assistance to help navigate these difficulties.  

Please call to set up an in person appointment for evaluation, assessment, referrals, and other practical helps.  Our services are provided by knowledgeable individuals, free of charge and we do not sell or give your information to anyone or any organization without your knowledge and consent in the event of referrals or references.

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How We Serve Clients:


Practical Helps:  Access to computers, copier and printers for resume printing, faxing, online job searches, short course certificate training, viewing online training videos and other educational  training sites.   We give help to acquire work clothing, shoes and grooming supplies useful for interviews.

Community Network:  Assistance with online applications  for applicants and recipients of  Florida State Benefits and other programs such as SNAP (food stamps), cash assistance, Medicaid Programs and related needs.

Staff are available Monday through Wednesday from 9 am—1 pm to assist you with applying or recertifying for these services.

Community Partnerships:  Referrals to other organizations where necessary and appropriate for safe shelter, housing options, legal assistance, transportation, child care, rent or utilities assistance, food and cleaning supplies.


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